Our Partners

TomTom, a global leader in navigation and location-based mapping products, provides fleet management and vehicle telematics services through TomTom Telematics®. The premier WEBFLEET™ software allows businesses to maximize fleet efficiency and mileage performance. TomTom partnered with MedaPoint to provide comprehensive fleet management solutions through AdvanceDispatch™. The integration of TomTom’s GPS vehicle tracking solution enables real-time visibility into vehicle location, delivering significantly faster response times and improved accountability. Travel time and mileage calculations are automatically updated in real-time based on fluctuating traffic conditions. The advanced fleet management capabilities of TomTom WEBFLEET have considerably helped our existing AdvanceDispatch customers maximize the return on their fleet investment.
EMS Toolkit is a web-based collection of industry specific tools available through a Single Login. Much more than just another “employee scheduling” tool, EMS Toolkit is the most affordable, flexible and powerful system available within the industry. The application offers employee-scheduling services, payroll features that make it easy to calculate employee hours and their wages and certification tracking that ensures all employees remain up to date with required certifications. The system also provides inventory tracking for companies that need to maintain accountability for hard/soft supplies and other critical assets, personnel management that allows you to add employee profiles on file, as well as a fleet management system that helps manage your entire fleet in a centralized web-based system. EMS Toolkit’s partnership with MedaPoint utilizes many of the tools the system has to offer for clients using the AdvanceDispatch Software. The scheduling tool is utilized to schedule crews on a day-by-day basis, as well as schedule units for trips on a real-time basis. The certification tracking is also integrated into AdvanceDispatch to make sure all EMTs and crew members are up to date with their respective certification statuses, to ensure that all employees have all of the training and knowledge possible to do their jobs. AdvanceDispatch users will also have access to the forms management tool in order to keep run sheets online and on file, as well as any patient forms that need to be filled out.

Change Healthcare (formerly Emdeon) is the leading provider of revenue and payment cycle management and a clinical information exchange solution connecting payers, providers and patients within the U.S. healthcare system. The company’s comprehensive suite of solutions is designed to easily integrate with existing technology infrastructures. Customers are able to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase cash flow while effectively managing the complex financial cycle and clinical information exchange process. Change Healthcare serves as the clearinghouse that MedaPoint integrated into the AdvanceClaim™ system. Through this partnership, EMS organizations using AdvanceClaim can batch upload claims and access the proprietary reporting analytics tool to track rejected claims. Change Healthcare has over 1,200 commercial and government payers on file, making it quick, easy, and reliable to process your claims.

Accurint® for Health Care is a streamlined, point-of-need solution for investigating claims, patients and providers. This comprehensive solution provides direct access to LexisNexis’ industry-leading data assets. Drawing upon 10,000 sources of records, LexisNexis boasts the largest collection of identifying information in the US: 11.6B consumer records, 6.5B unique name / address combinations, 2.7B motor vehicle records and 2.7B property records. Their data includes the following information particularly relevant for health care analytics: provider licensure, sanctions and certifications; hospital and group practice affiliations; criminal background; death records; family members and known associates.​ ​Accurint has partnered with MedaPoint to provide EMS billers with the ability to verify a patient’s current address and search basic patient information through AdvanceClaim. By initially acquiring this information, the subsequent insurance verification process is significantly simplified. Accurint is a subscription based third party entity that has simplified the claim billing process for all users by making patient data more accessible and manageable.
ProQA Dispatch Software integrates the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch’s protocols with today’s critical computer technologies. ProQA helps emergency dispatchers navigate through Case Entry and Key Questioning. The software assists dispatchers in quickly identifying the appropriate Determinant Code for each case and clearly displays the response configuration specifically assigned to the code by local agency authorities. ProQA then guides dispatchers in providing all relevant Post-Dispatch and Pre-Arrival Instructions, as well as important case completion information.​ ​MedaPoint has partnered with ProQA to provide dispatchers with the ability to quickly answer imperative inquiries related to the patient’s health status at the scene. The software integration with AdvanceDispatch™ directs users through the Post Dispatch Instructions that outline proper protocol, similar to a 911 call intake. These protocols gather vital information that are the foundation of effective dispatch; it helps dispatchers paint a picture for responders while they are en route to a scene and provide updates as the circumstances on scene change. The system automatically generates and stores all call summaries into AdvanceDispatch for future review. ProQA’s integration with Advance Dispatch is seamless, concise, and gives dispatchers a user-friendly means of carrying out their process management duties in a timely manner.