100% Cloud-based, Fully-hosted Billing Solution

Create Clean Claims the First Time and Get Paid Faster.

Achieve a 99% clean claim rate upon first submission with MedaPoint’s fully-hosted, cloud-based EMS billing solution. By enabling one-click searches for and auto-population of key claims data, AdvanceClaim™ eliminates redundancy and maximizes accuracy and efficiency. Your staff can batch process and send complete claims that get approved and paid quickly, and with robust revenue forecasting tools, you’ll always have full insight into your cash flow.

What’s more, this solution now includes AdvanceCode™, a cutting-edge, game changing feature that makes “Touchless Claims” a reality. This capability eliminates human interaction and error in claims processing by automatically providing and suggesting the base rate and mileage codes while making a medical necessity selection and applying diagnosis codes.

AdvanceClaim Resources

AdvanceClaim Brochure

Product information on the revolutionary web-based EMS billing application.


Verify patient insurance upfront with one-click search.

Claims Narrative

Streamline claims coding.


Send inaccurate or incomplete claims back to operations for resolution.


Auto-code a trip based on NEMSIS data points.

Key Attributes

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Cloud-based SaaS • Integration & Workflow • Pay-Per-Record Pricing • Optional Enhancements • Data & Reporting • Security & Compliance

Auto NEMSIS 3 Import & Batch Posting

Simplify claims coding and produce ready-to-bill claims with one-click NEMSIS 3 ePCR import, and achieve greater productivity with batch upload of claims. Batch posting allows for the bulk upload of 835/ERA files into AdvanceClaim for one-click payment posting. This process also automatically streamlines the creation of your secondary, subsequent invoices.

Accurint® Search Technology

Maintain accurate patient data with integrated partner technology, Accurint, a streamlined, point-of-need solution for investigating claims, patients and providers. Accurint searches LexisNexis® databases to access missing patient information or to verify patient demographics, providing you with all up-to-date patient data—from address, to social security number, to date of birth.

Rules-based Design

Automate and manage processes with AdvanceClaim’s rules-based design, which provides the framework for system functions—from User Worklist Assignment, where managers can intelligently manage staff and assignments; to Automated PCS Processing, where the full PCS request-submission and billing workflow is automated; to AdvanceAuto-coding, where a trip is automatically coded based on NEMSIS data points, minimizing manpower and human error.


Sit back and watch while a trip is automatically coded. (The solution is ICD-10 compliant and programmed according to Medicare-defined rules that ensure payment on claims.) The trip is auto-imported into AdvanceClaim, which analyzes the NEMSIS data points upon which the coding is based, and then accordingly adds procedure codes for the determined level of service and mileage, along with additional medical necessity items. Simply review the results before submitting the “touchless claim” for processing. This feature minimizes manpower and human error.

User Worklist Assignment

Intelligently manage your staff and assignments with AdvanceClaim’s User Worklist Assignment feature. It allows managers to quickly assign work to users, automatically routing the right claims to the right people. The feature enables staff to log into AdvanceClaim to view a list of claims assigned to him or her, and worklists refresh as new work is imported or assigned. This feature drives worklists for both the pre-bill and accounts receivable follow-up teams.

EDI Clean-claim Optimization

Get paid faster when AdvanceClaim’s EDI tool scrubs your data to verify that the needed information is available to bill a claim to the respective payer. Designed to achieve a 99% clean-claim rate upon first submission, the tool optimizes clean claims, provides batch upload, and tracks rejected claims, ultimately resulting in faster payment—often in half the time.

Fully-integrated Clearinghouse

Seamlessly connect to 3,000-plus government and private payers via the EMS industry’s first and only fully-integrated clearinghouse. Emdeon®, serving as AdvanceClaim’s clearninghouse, is the leading provider of revenue and payment cycle management connecting payers, providers and patients within the U.S. healthcare system. The partnership makes it fast, simple and reliable to process your claims without ever leaving the AdvanceClaim system.

Back-to-Operations (BTO)™

Bridge the communication gap between billing and operations by sending incomplete or inaccurate claims to operations for resolution. BTO automates the communication workflow, identifies the missing information necessary for billing, monetizes the impact of that missing information, and provides reportable metrics to increase accountability.

IntelligentEligibility™ & AdvanceInsight™

Experience the benefit of optionally-integrated features. Instantly verify existing patient insurance by searching the region’s top five payers for missing coverage information, and know that you’ll get paid prior to claims submission with premium feature IntelligentEligibility. With AdvanceInsight, an integrated financial forecasting tool that constantly mines and analyzes your data, gain powerful insights into your financial health. Forecast expected revenues and cash flow, and know how much you’ll get paid next week and beyond.