The need for speed begins as soon as EMS personnel are dispatched to an emergency. Not only is response time critical, but so, too, is the expedited transfer of patient medical and insurance coverage information while en route and at the scene.

Critical care and critical data go hand in hand and seamless blending of the two by EMS responders and their administration optimizes the EMS billing process. For EMS departments and other first responders, improved turnaround time and increased revenue from bill collections have an immediate and positive impact on the bottom line.

Better fiscal performance in these areas is a matter of optimizing on-scene reporting and data gathering as well as increasing accuracy and efficiency in data management. Instant, real-time access to patient data by paramedics at the scene and hospitals is critical if responding personnel are to make informed decisions regarding treatment and insurance coverage.

With proper on-scene data entry by informed paramedics, departmental EMS billing, claims processing and collections personnel can focus on verifying insurance coverage, follow-up data entry and delinquent payment enforcement. Medicare and other insurance data as well as billing status must be at the fingertips of clerks and administrators if they are to make accurate and efficient decisions regarding accounts. The same is true of outstanding bill collection and Medicare reimbursement; payments due must be addressed quickly to maintain cash flow and budget integrity. Time is money.

For this, administrators of EMS departments and other first-responder organizations must be certain to provide personnel with direct Internet links to make informed decisions that yield time- and money-saving processes. Gathering and processing data as efficiently as possible is critical to achieve this.

In AdvanceClaim, paramedics and EMS administrators find the only real-time, Web-based EMS billing solution that puts all patient data gathering and processing information at their immediate disposal. The one-stop shop provides EMS departments a cost-effective means to access an integrated clearinghouse that provides all the tools and information necessary for the complete patient cycle, from response to billing to claims reimbursement.

This streamlined system saves money and resources and its Web-based nature means it’s fully supported by an off-site data center with full, around-the-clock IT support and system redundancy. The result is no down time for EMS departments’ billing and collection operations. More time and easier access to a comprehensive data profiles for patients promises faster billing and more effective collections.