EMS Billing Companies

One-stop Billing. Smoother Operations.

MedaPoint’s groundbreaking EMS billing solution streamlines your business processes and helps contain costs throughout the patient lifecycle. Plus, our revolutionary subscription model lets you drive costs down and revenue up.

AdvanceClaim is revolutionizing the industry with our fully-hosted, cloud-based EMS billing solution. It easily integrates with AdvanceDispatch and AdvanceCare, with third-party CAD and ePCR solutions, or works as a standalone application. AdvanceClaim maximizes accuracy and efficiency with one-click searches. Your staff can batch process and send complete claims that get approved and paid quickly. With AdvanceClaim, you do more than just survive. You thrive.

  • Ready-to-bill claims with one-click NEMSIS 3 import from your ePCR
  • Upfront insurance coverage verification with Intelligent Eligibility™
  • Revenue and cash flow forecasting based on your data with AdvanceInsight™
  • Resolution of incomplete or inaccurate claims with Back-to-Op™
  • Access to 3,000-plus government and private payers with integrated clearinghouse

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