MedaPoint's revolutionary new "pay as you go" subscription model delivers the attractive margins you need to survive in today's competitive environment. Experience the only 100% cloud-based solution purposely built for EMS.

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A new era in real-time fleet efficiency has begun. AdvanceDispatch is a fully-hosted, cloud-based dispatch (CAD) solution that features highly intuitive functionality. It easily integrates AdvanceCare and AdvanceClaim, with third-party ePCR and billing systems, or works as a standalone application. It is now easier than ever to create trips, schedule and locate crews, and communicate with patients, crews and facilities.

  • Real-time visibility into vehicle locations, routing, traffic & mileage calculations
  • Optionally integrated TomTom navigation and fleet management
  • More informed scheduling decisions with advanced scheduling features
  • Multi-channel communication among dispatch, field staff, patient & facility
  • Anytime, anywhere access from browser-enabled devices
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Dramatically decrease the number of steps your field crews will need to handle during a trip with MedaPoint's cloud-based and mobile ePCR solution. It easily integrates AdvanceDispatch and AdvanceClaim. Your crews can shift their focus from data entry to making intelligent, real-time decisions about patient care, improving efficiency, and increasing your ROI.

  • Anytime, anywhere access from browser-enabled devices and mobile access for offline data in the field
  • Easy-to-use interface for immediate adoption by field medics
  • Automated NEMSIS 3 ePCR exports for claims processing and state data reporting
  • Robust patient-lookup and reporting features
  • Enterprise-level security with cloud-platform Amazon Web Services
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AdvanceClaim is revolutionizing the industry with our fully-hosted, cloud-based EMS billing solution. It easily integrates with third-party ePCR solutions, or works as a standalone application. AdvanceClaim maximizes accuracy and efficiency with one-click searches. Your staff can batch process and send complete claims that get approved and paid quickly. With AdvanceClaim, you do more than just survive. You thrive.

  • Ready-to-bill claims with one-click NEMSIS 3 import from your ePCR
  • Upfront insurance coverage verification with Intelligent Eligibility™
  • Revenue and cash flow forecasting based on your data with AdvanceInsight™
  • Resolution of incomplete or inaccurate claims with Back-to-Operations™ portal
  • Access to 5,200-plus government and private payers with integrated clearinghouse
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