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MedaPoint University provides an easy and convenient way to learn important information about the constantly changing pre-hospital market.

It offers a variety of relevant continuing education webinars on industry standards, best practices, and ways to improve your bottom line. The webinars are brought to you by Maggie Adams, President of EMS Financial Services, and are free of charge.

Videos of our previous webinars are posted below for your reference only. You must register for and attend our live webinars in order to receive continuing education credits.

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Medicare & Medicaid Managed Care Changes

05.05.2015 Get up-to-date with the latest changes to Medicare Advantage and Medicaid managed care? Medicare Advantage enrollment increased with the Affordable Care Act; now nearly 30% of Medicare beneficiaries receive benefits through managed care. There has been a significant increase in Medicaid managed care enrollment as well. Attend this informative session to learn what emergency and non-emergency services need to know to both maintain compliance and obtain proper reimbursement from these regulated commercial plans. Also discussed will be how to appeal claims denials for better results.

New World of Collections


In 2015, we have more self-pay and a changed regulatory environment governing the resolution of those self-pay accounts. Learn the current day issues facing your in-house collection efforts – and the steps you can take to maintain compliance AND get better results with your patient accounts.


The Compliance Hot Seat

01.22.2015 This timely webinar kicked off the new year with the top billing and documentation compliance problems faced by emergency and non-emergency ground ambulance providers. It identifies the issues and offers viable solutions to tackle common compliance risks. This session will also be helpful to billing companies who are so dependent on the documentation they receive from the providers they serve.

Top EMS Revenue Priorities for Year-End (and prep for 2015!)


This timely webinar addresses important revenue topics that need attention as the year winds down and we prepare for 2015. Every one of these topics has the potential to have a positive impact on your bottom line. On the flip side, ignoring these issues will put you at risk financially or, worse yet, from a regulatory perspective. We discuss the issues you must consider in relation to compliance, the growth of self-pay, patient satisfaction, ICD-10 challenges and measuring success in community paramedicine efforts, among others.


Prepare for ICD-10

10.06.2014 Tick, tock the ICD-10 clock winds down as the October, 2015 deadline flies towards us. Join this lively session to learn what you need to do to get your billing operation ready for ICD-10. We will outline critical planning steps and resources you need to reference. In addition to billing, we’ll discuss the essential steps that need to be taken to get field crews documenting the information you need to protect your revenue. Good documentation prep coupled with a well-supported billing operation will ensure denials don’t overwhelm your organization and your reimbursement continues to flow as expected.

Managing Medicaid Issues


Changes from the ACA mean that every ambulance service today deals with more Medicaid patients. Medicaid fee-for-service systems are clogged, payments and appeals can be slow, reimbursement is low and there are growing Medicaid compliance initiatives. We also face more movement to Medicaid managed care. This timely session covers the issues ambulance providers need to address in order to ensure they receive proper reimbursement and maintain compliance with Medicaid and Medicaid managed care.


Rethinking Non Emergency Call Intake

09.28.2014 If you do inter-facility transfers, this session is for you. This webinar addresses how a better call intake process can help improve reimbursement, decrease denials AND advance relations with your facility customers – all while keeping your eye on the importance of compliance. This lively session provides concrete tips to make your process go smoother by asking the right questions (not more questions). It covers documentation, forms management, facility billing issues and patient satisfaction.

Community Paramedicine


Here is where you will find the topic every EMS service needs to consider: how will you look at community paramedicine? Community paramedicine models are evolving nationwide. Each region has to develop its own “best practices” to meet the needs of its community. This presentation will look at the payment models that continue to evolve and how our relationships with payers and facilities will need to be managed.


Best Practices & KPI’s for Ambulance Billing

09.27.2014 Gain useful information on how to get the best possible value from your billing process. Learn critical tips on how to look at the billing process, review your accounts receivable to follow-up appropriately, and better manage patient-pay challenges. Whether you are a small service or a large billing company, managing key performance indicators well is the road to cash flow improvement. This session offers indispensable guidance on billing KPIs and best practices for ambulance billing success. Billing personnel and EMS management will find this presentation useful.

Ambulance Payment Changes in 2014


The basic approach we take to medical transport billing faces upheaval. The coming year brings changes in reimbursement, stronger emphasis on documentation, and the looming impact of ICD-10 codes on field providers and billing staff. Patient cost-sharing responsibilities will increase creating additional burden on our collection efforts. Also on the horizon, emerging new models of community paramedicine care which need payment. All this while Medicare and Medicaid audit efforts continue to grow. This lively session will outline the pressing topics that EMS managers, billing companies and billing personnel need to address and provide practical tips to help providers protect their revenue integrity.

Panelist: Maggie Adams of EMS Financial Services.


Is In-house Billing or Outsourcing Best for Your Organization?


What makes sense for your organization — should you outsource or bill in-house? This webinar covers:

  • Critical issues to consider in the decision-making process
  • How in-house billing and outsourcing affect operating expenses and cash flow
  • The interaction between field documentation and billing (whether in-house or outsourced)
  • The importance of software in streamlining billing processes
  • Benefits of both outsourcing and billing in-house
  • Best practices for in-house billing
  • Responsibilities everyone must meet whether performing their own billing or outsourcing
  • How to monitor billing compliance internally and externally

Panelist: Maggie Adams of EMS Financial Services.