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EMS On The Hill Day – How Many Attend

We're curious as to how many agencies take part in what seems to be a very popular annual NAEMT initiative. Congress Enacts Laws That Impact EMS. Shouldn’t ALL Members of Congress Understand EMS? Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike must understand EMS if...

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May 17 Webinar: “Achieving 99 Percent Clean Claim Rate”

Join us for a free, one-hour webinar on March 17, 1-2pm EDT on how EMS companies can achieve a 99 percent clean claim rate. The program will highlight the most common steps to achieving that goal with co-presenters Wesley Anderson, President of Acute Rescue &...

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5 Reasons EMS Companies Need AdvanceClaim

MedaPoint’s revolutionary new “pay as you go” subscription model delivers the attractive margins you need to survive in today’s competitive environment. Experience the only 100% cloud-based solution purposely built for...

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Business Rule No. 1 – No one cares what you think.

It’s true for any company and any industry. You could espouse all the virtues of your product or service, and it will fall on deaf — or at the very least, skeptical — ears. What’s important is what your CUSTOMERS say and, for your business’ sake, to others....

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